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Forgiveness a Christian Growth Mindset

The Book is inspired based on questions asked by millions on the internet in the AI era.

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The Old and New Testament

The book travels back in time, from Adam, Noah, Abraham Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and finally to the teachings of Jesus showing how consistent is the concept of Forgiveness before and after the cross.

The Internet

The Book Forgiveness a Christian Growth Mind Set is written inspired by the questions and searches on the internet on the topic of Forgiveness and a Growth Mindset. 

Hollywood and Real life The Christian path to forgiveness is mapped out step by step, offering a guide through its process, challenges, and the incredible transformations it can bring. With parallels to real-life Christian Holly wood movies and real-life examples.

Complete Series

Forgiveness A Christian Growth Mindset

The book is written keeping in two version the adult and the teen version. 

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